Library Rules

Library Member Cards are NOT TRANSFERABLE and cannot be used by other members for borrowing library books.

The library will follow a circulation system in which the borrower will write his/her name and signature on the book card kept inside the book and leave it with circulation staff. Books should be brought physically for return and renewals. All the transactions are entered in the SOUL 2.0 software.

General Rules :

  • The Library being a place for individual study and research, members are requested to maintain an atmosphere of dignity, peace and silence within the Library premises.
  • Entry to the Library is restricted to the bona fide members on production of valid Library/ Identity Card.
  • No Library material including books, CDs, newspapers, magazines etc. should be taken out of the Library until it is issued out.
  • Members are requested to handle the Library reading materials with utmost care. Writing, scribbling, marking, cutting pages will be severely dealt with.
  • The use of personal stereos, music sets, mobile phones, and walkmans in the Library is not permitted.
  • Suggestions for procurement of new books & other reading materials, if any, from faculty may be sent to the librarian in prescribed format (Recommendation Form).
  • Members may kindly inform the Library immediately of any change in their contact address including email etc.
  • Members are requested to leave the reading materials on the reading tables. The Library staffs will shelf thesematerials.
  • Members are required to show the Library staff at the Circulation Desk/Property Counter the items being taken out, when requested.

Loss of / Damage to Library materials :

  • Loss of book(s) must be reported immediately to library staff.
  • Overdue/ fine, if any, will be charged till the loss of book(s) is reported.
  • If the original book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return.
  • Borrower will have to replace the book, if lost/damaged with latest edition within 30 days from reporting, along with overdue charges

If the lost book is out of print and the borrower is unable to replace it, he/she will have to pay the cost of the book, plus 30% processing fee.

Clearance Certificate :

All those who leave the institute must surrender all the materials that they borrowed to the library, and obtain a “No Dues” certificate from the librarian, in order to ensure that they owe no dues to the library.

Donation to the Library :

The library accepts donation of manuscripts, books, periodicals, special publications, audiovisual materials, electronic materials etc, from individuals and institutions. Requests for such donations may be made to the principal. The decision of whether the offer is being accepted or rejected is communicated directly by the principal to potential donors in due course of time.